Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Blog

I realised that I hadn't mentioned on this blog that we will no longer be using this for updates on our work. The title, "ICP Study Centre" is no longer relevant for the work we are now about to start in Motherwell at Tilsley College. For this reason, we have started a new blog at svedek.wordpress.com. Thank you if you have been following here, hopefully you will join us over on our new blog!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Please pray for the two Study Centre courses which we are planning to run over the next few weeks. Even though we will be leaving Prague at the end of October, there is just time for Simon to run two courses, one on Sundays the other on Monday evenings. These are our introductory course to studying the Bible and one on the way the atonement is described. Please pray we will have the students we need to make these viable and that they will be useful to those who attend.
Otherwise, we are travelling to the UK on September 18th and will be attending Kristina's graduation ceremony on Plymouth Hoe on 22nd and Simon will be at Trinity, Bristol on 23rd. We also plan to visit Beacon Heath Church on 25th September.
Please pray for Simon's mother who had a fall a couple of weeks ago and broke both of her wrists.  Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Latest from Prague

As most of you who follow what we have been doing in Prague will know, we will be leaving the city and our work at ICP at the end of October. The church here were told this after the service yesterday. The latest news is that we have an interview for a new post at the end of September. Probably best not to say who this is with for the moment, but we would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel to the UK on September 18th. There are lots of practical issues for us to deal with before we can leave, so we would also appreciate your prayers for these.
SImon is working on a small groups study about personal evangelism at the moment, the first draft is finished and he will be 'testing' this with our house group over the next few weeks before finalising it. He is also preaching at ICP this coming Sunday, so prayers for both of those would be welcome.
On Saturday, we went with some friends, Jeff and Kathleen, to a castle to the north east of Prague for a Highland Games. A little bit surreal to be surrounded by people in kilts and other garments of tartan in 30+ degrees heat - and to hear all of them speaking Czech. It had the works, bagpipes, tossing the caber, highland dancing... A really enjoyable day out.